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Internet Security Alliance - We provide Managed Internet security services for personal computers

pcInternet Patrol™
Version: 2.0
(Patents pending)

pcInternet Patrol (pcIP™) is a new Personal Firewall providing a paradigm from traffic filtering to "True Application Control"™.
Developed for the Windows platform, pcIP™ connects users through its shared centralized database creating a Virtual Security Network (VSN) designed to provide real time protection against information and identity theft from Personal Computers as well as against e-mail born malicious programs.

Download now!

Please click here for a quick tour of the functions and features of pcInternet Patrol™.

A revolutionary approach, in developing a program that not only provides superior protection, but also allows the same level of security to both, experienced and inexperienced users by automating the functions of a security administrator.

Value Alert!

Many features incorporated in pcInternet Patrol™ are sold as separate programs;
Free Upgrades;
Free Automated Updates in Real Time Globally.

Download today!

If you:

have a Dial up, cable modem, DSL, T1 or ISDN;
use e-mail, chat on line or use any other instant messenger program;
trade, shop or bank online;
keep confidential information on your computer;
are an Internet security expert;
are an Internet novice.

Then subscribing to pcInternet Patrol™ is a MUST for you.

Not convinced?

Take the pcAudit challenge. You'll be amazed at the results!

FREE Internet Security
Audit Tools

Is your computer hacker proof?

Do you have any type of protection?
If you have a firewall, does it really work? Are you sure?
Find out NOW!

"Better To Be Safe Than Sorry"

It doesn't hurt
and only takes a few minutes.

      Download pcAudit  pcAudit™
Download Now!

pcAudit™ a free tool used to simulate an attack by a "hacker"; it demonstrates the need for "TRUE application control™" at the level of individual modules.

It shows how the lack of this control would allow a "hacker" to bypass a conventional firewall unnoticed. Even "hi-jack" many popular personal firewall programs and use these very programs to send data back to a "hacker". This tool is used to allow any PC user to determine whether their personal computer is vulnerable to intrusion.

This may be the case even if you are behind a personal or a corporate firewall.

Upon completion of your pcAudit™, you will receive a very detailed evaluation report.

Download pcSuper Scanner pcSuper Scanner™
that checks ALL 65,535 ports, plus 3 communication ports: server and client TCP/IP and UDP in seconds.

Download File Sharing Manager File Sharing Manager™
Checks to see if your files and folders can be accessed remotely.

Scan your computer with pcRemote Scanner pcRemote Scanner™
To check several ports most frequently used by hacker's programs.

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